Steps to be taken while Staining Concrete and adding color to cement surfaces

You must ensure that the exterior on which the stain is applied is neat and clean and free of unnecessary defects,  markings  and stains and ready to be colored.   While you add any transparent color to a thing, the colors and pattern of the substrate would come to show.  It can be compared to the application of wood stain to a wood piece with knots and wood grain.  Concrete Stain could truly intensify and highlight the differences found and seen in the concrete which could be man made blemishes as well as natural markings. Concrete Staining San Antonio provides the best Concrete staining service in San Antonio.

Concrete Staining San Antonio

The manufacturer’s’ charts could be used as just a guide.  Since acid stains react differently to each and every surface which is supposed to receive the treatment it is very important that you are doing a sample on the surface or concrete which is going to get the treatment.  The ways and timings for the sample installation must be just the very same as to how the rest of the exterior would be stained.

You cannot employ the same procedure of application to all concrete because all concrete are not same or similar.  Acid staining is truly an art.   You should thoroughly understand the technique of application and also how much to apply.  The installers experience  and the level of skill would play an important role while choosing an acid stain result.

Possible great jobs could turn disastrous due to improper methods of application. Very little product will not give total average and will not etch the exterior sufficient enough to deposit the color deeply.

If you are using the scrubbing method, then you must remember to scrub with a natural pattern and flow.  If not, obvious swirls and mop lines would appear.;

Residue removal and neutralization of the surface is the key to success of an acid stained finish of the concrete.  The left over residue coming from the acid etching should be removed and the surface exterior must  be neutralized to make sure of proper adhesion of the coating or sealant system.  The surface is still subject to damage and staining at this point   You should take care to neutralize and wet the entire area thoroughly to avoid any boot prints, other man made artificial blemishes.

Concrete Staining San Antonio

After the concrete gets sufficiently dried up, you must apply the sealant coating.  Even though the sealant is normally the final stage of installation, it should be done right.  A wrongly applied sealer system could show roller lines, leave debris and lint in the end, or flake off or delaminate the surface.  Professionals who are experienced  may choose and apply the right sealer  for the work, by using techniques like buffing (in case of a wax finishing), back rolling, cross hatch rolling, spraying.