Tyres Reading; Finding The Leak In A Flat Tyre

As a matter of fact, your car tyres can sometimes crack on roads. A flat tyre can make driving almost impossible. You may need to reach somewhere urgently, and the tyre of your car is flat. Sometimes you may not have an extra tyre so that you can change it. In such situation, you just have two options one is to fix it yourself or contact with a Tyres Reading service.

Tyres Reading

In this article, we will shed some light on how you can find the leak in a flat tyre.

Finding The Leak In A Flat Tyre:

A flat tyre is makes driving inconvenient. When you don’t have a spare tyre then you are left with two choices one is to call a Tyres Reading service to come and fix it or fix it yourself. Luckily fixing a tyre is not difficult you just need few tools for this reason. Follow the steps to find the leak in the flat tyre.

Pump Up The Tyre:

If you have a flat tyre and trying to find a leak, then pump up the tyre properly. You may need to pump it up until you reach the max amount of pressure it may require. The pressure that a tyre needs is specified in the service manual.

Inspect The Tyre:

Before going on to the time-consuming activities visually inspect the tyre first. If you notice any cracks, holes, any object stuck in the tyre then you have found the leak.

Listen For Any Mocking Sound:

If you are unable to see any problem you might hear it. A mocking sound is a clear sound that the tyre has a leak from where the air is coming out. It can help one locating the leak. You can also feel the air around the tyre. It means that if you run your hand all over the tyre, you can be able to find the area of air leakage.

Mix Water And Soap Together:

If you were unable to locate the leak area of the tyre by following the above steps, then don’t worry. By following this step, you can also be able to locate the leak area of the tyre. You may just need to mix some soap in the water and spray it over the tyre. If you see bubbles on the tyre, then you have found the leak area of the tyre.

Cover The Tyre With The Mixture Of Water And Soap:

If you do not have any spray bottle, then you can easily cover the tyre with the mixture of the water and soap to locate the leak area of the tyre.

Watch For The Bubbles On The Surface On The Tyre:

After applying the mixture on the tyre to locate the leak area of tyre watch for the bubbles to pop. When the air comes out of the tyre and meets with the mixture, it creates bubbles. If you see any bubbles on the surface of the tyre, then you have found your leak area of the tyre.